Formal Methods in Software Engineering


Welcome to the Formal Methods in Software Engineering (FMSE) group in Faculty of Computer Science (FII), Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (UAIC). FMSE group was created by prof. Dorel Lucanu with the aim to develop methods and tools helping software engineers in applying mathematical-based proof techniques during software development. The use of the formal methods helps in revealing the inconsistencies, incompletness, ambiguities in a system’s or language’s design. Our ambitious is to apply the formal methods in a mechanical way. Our primary strength is the use of the algebraic specification theory, logics and rewriting techniques.

Research areas

Automated reasoning

We are studying the mechanization of the coinductive and the inductive methods. We developed CIRC tool, which implements both the circural coinduction and circular induction in an uniform way such that they can be cobined in automated complex proofs. We provided theoretical foundations for the two proving methods.

Specification and Verification

We are developing an executable semantic framework for rigorous design, analysis and testing of systems. This is a joint work with FSL group at UIUC.

Semantic Web

We have given an institutional architecture to the Berners Lee’s Semantic Web Stack. We indenti^Led the indexed institutions of RDF+RDF Schema layer, Web Ontology Vocabulary layer, and the relationship between the two layers.