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Formal methods use mathematical techniques and rigour for developing software and hardware. The formal methods can be used to specify, verify, and analyse in any part of the system life cycle: requirements engineering, modeling, design, architecture, implementation, testing, maintenance and evolution. This assume on the one hand the development of adequate mathematical methods and frameworks and on the other hand the development of tools that help the user to effectively apply these methods/frameworks in the life cycle of the system. Working Formal Methods Symposium (FROM) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners who work for formal methods by contributing with new theoretical results, methods, techniques, and frameworks, and/or make the formal methods to work by creating or using software tools that apply theoretical contributions.

The Faculty of Computer Science of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, ICUB (The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest), and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Bucharest organize FROM 2018, the second one from a yearly workshop series. The first edition held in 2017 in Bucharest:
and it was a very successful event, with sixteen invited talks, delivered by top researchers in field, and seven contributed talks. Starting with the current edition, the goal is to increase the weight of the contributed talks.

The program of the symposium will include invited lectures and regular contributions. Submissions on the general topic of theoretical computer science, formal methods and applications are solicited.


(New!) If you are planning to attend the workshop, please register here.


  • Deadline for abstract submission: 29 April 2018 extended to 11 May 2018 (firm)
  • Author notification: 21 May 2018 extended to 25 May 2018
  • Conference days: 18 - 20 June 2018

Invited Speakers

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Călin Belta

Boston University, US

speaker img

Radu Călinescu

University of York, UK

speaker img

Cătălin Dima

Universite Paris-Est Creteil, France

speaker img

Dragos Gavrilut

Bitdefender and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania

speaker img

Radu Grigore

School of Computing University of Kent, UK

speaker img

Cătălin Hriţcu

INRIA Paris, France

speaker img

Mircea Marin

West University of Timișoara, Romania

speaker img

Grigore Roşu

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

speaker img

Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans

University Of Koblenz, Landau, Germany

speaker img

Gheorghe Ștefănescu

University of Bucharest, Romania


Monday (18.06.2018) - Ferdinand Conference Room

08h30        Registration (hallway next to the Ferdinand Conference Room)

09h10        Welcome

Session I (chair: Dorel Lucanu)

09h25        Invited Talk: Călin Belta, Formal Synthesis of Control Strategies for Dynamical Systems

10h15        Coffee break

Session II (chair: Laurențiu Leuștean)

10h40        Invited Talk: Grigore Roșu, Formal Design, Implementation and Verification of Blockchain Languages and Virtual Machines

11h30        Andrei Arusoaie, Unification in Matching Logic

11h55        Lunch (Gaudeamus hotel restaurant)

Session III (chair: Călin Belta)

14h00        Invited Talk: Radu Călinescu, Observation-enhanced Stochastic Modelling

14h50        Gabriel Ciobanu and Eneia Nicolae Todoran, Continuation Semantics for

        Concurrent Languages

15h15        Coffee Break

Session IV (chair: Viorica Sofronie Stokkermans)

15h40        Invited Talk: Dragoș Gavriluţ, Fileless attacks – PowerShell-based techniques

16h30        Ruxandra Stoean, Machine Learning and Formal Methods or the Ballad of East and West

19h00        Dinner (La Castel restaurant)

Tuesday (19.06.2018) - Ferdinand Conference Room

Session V (chair: Radu Călinescu)

09h25        Invited Talk: Viorica Sofronie Stokkermans, On Symbol Elimination in Theory Extensions and Applications

10h15        Coffee break

Session VI (chair: Vlad Rusu)

10h40        Invited Talk: Gheorghe Ştefănescu, Adaptive virtual organisms: A compositional model for hardware-software binding in the IoT era

11h30        Bogdan Aman and Gabriel Ciobanu, Timed Migration with Costs in Distributed Systems

11h55        Lunch (Gaudeamus hotel restaurant)

Session VII (chair: Cătălin Hriţcu)

14h00        Invited Talk: Cătălin Dima, Bisimulations for Logics for Strategies

14h50        Denisa Diaconescu, Bisimulations in many-valued modal logics

15h15        Coffee break

Session VIII (chair: Grigore Roșu)

15h40        Vlad Rusu, Compositional Verification of Reachability-Logic Properties on Reachability-Logic Specifications

16h05        Ioana Leuștean and Natalia Moangă, A many-sorted polyadic modal logic

16h30        Ioana Leuștean and Traian Florin Şerbănuţă, An operational-semantics-based approach to program verification using dynamic logic

Wednesday (20.06.2018) - Ferdinand Conference Room

Session IX (chair: Adriana Bălan)

09h00        Panel Discussion. Topic: Challenges for Using Formal Methods in Real

Applications (moderators: Călin Belta, Grigore Roșu)

09h50        Andrei Alexandru and Gabriel Ciobanu, Infinite Sets in Fraenkel-Mostowski Theory

10h15        Coffee break

Session X (chair: Cătălin Dima)

10h40        Invited Talk: Cătălin Hriţcu, Formally Secure Compilation

11h30        Georgiana Caltais and Mohammadreza Mousavi, Encoding Causality via Modal Formulae

11h55        Lunch (Gaudeamus hotel restaurant)

Session XI (chair: Gheorghe Ştefănescu)

14h00        Invited Talk: Mircea Marin, Unification and matching in unranked term algebras with regular expression sorts

14h50        Ştefan Popescu, Solving a variant of the 2-D pattern matching problem using Networks of Polarized Evolutionary Picture Processors with a restriction in polarity

15h15        Coffee break

Session XII (chair: Ioana Leuștean)

15h40        Adriana Bălan, On coalgebras and 3/2-institutions (short talk)

15h55        Ana Ţurlea, Raluca Lefticaru and Felician Câmpean, Search based Model in the Loop Testing for Cyber Physical Systems (short talk)

16h10        Vlad Crăciun, Automated dynamic deobfuscation of static obfuscated binaries (short talk)

16h25        Concluding Discussions


Programme commitee

Organizing Commitee

  • Andrei Arusoaie, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași
  • Ştefan Ciobâcă, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași (chair)
  • Rodica Condurache, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași
  • Bogdan Aman, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași
  • Cezar Andrici, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași

Campus Map


Event location: Ferdinand conference room, Building A, level 2, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași 11, Carol I Boulevard, Iași 70050616, România (designated "A" on the campus map)

Lunch and accomodation: Gaudeamus university hotel (designated "1.G" on the campus map). Take a virtual tour.

The map shows how to get from the Gaudeamus building (where most conference attendents are staying) to the main building (where the event takes place).

Reaching Iasi:

The easiest way to reach Iasi is by plane. There are direct flights to/from Bruxelles, Paris, London, Vienna, Rome, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Munchen, Koln, Bergamo, Bologna, Catania, Treviso, Torino, Barcelona, Timisoara and Larnaca. A taxi from the airport to the city center will cost around 20 to 30 RON. All the certificated taxis in Iași are yellow and easily recognizable.


Traian Hotel Iasi
Address: 1 Piata Unirii (Unirii Square), Iasi, Romania (15 minutes walking to university)
Tel: +40-232-26.66.66 (info & booking)

Unirea Hotel Iasi
Address: 5 Piata Unirii (Unirii Square), Iasi, Romania (15 minutes walking to university)
Tel: +40-232-20.50.00 (info)
      +40-232-20.50.06 (booking)

Astoria Hotel Iasi
Address: 1 Lapusneanu Street, Iasi, Romania (15 minutes walking to university)
Tel: +40-232-23.38.88 (info & booking)

International Hotel Iasi
Address: Str. Palat nr. 5A, Iasi, Romania (15 minutes by taxi to university)
Tel: +40-332-11.00.60 (info & booking)

Hotels of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi:
Gaudeamus – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University International Exchange Centre
Address: 12 Codrescu Street, Iasi, Romania (5 minutes to university)
30 Euro/night/single, 40 Euro/night/double

Akademos Hotel – Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Campus
Address: Rapa Galbena, Iasi, Romania (10 minutes to university)
30 Euro/night/single, 40 Euro/night/double

Note: For bookings at the Gaudeamus or Akademos hotels please contact the organizers by June 13th.

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