Communicating Concurrent Objects in HiddenCCS

In this paper we add value-passing communication to hiddenCCS, a new formalism proposed in [G. Ciobanu, and D. Lucanu. Specification and Verification of Synchronizing Concurrent Objects. In E. Boiten, J. Derrick, and G. Smith (Eds.) IFM 2004, Lecture Notes in Computer Science vol. 2999, pp. 307-327, Springer, 2004] for synchronizing concurrent objects. We use hidden algebra to specify object-oriented systems, and CCS process algebra to describe the coordination aspects. The new specification formalism extends the object specification with synchronization and communication elements associated with methods and attributes of the objects, and use a CCS description of the interaction patterns. The operational semantics of hiddenCCS specifications is based on labeled transition systems which can be specified in rewriting logic. We use Maude as a platform for verification of the communicating concurrent objects specified in hiddenCCS. Triple Modular Redundancy is used as an example of a hiddenCCS specification and its verification in Maude.